and I've managed to keep it for an entire FIVE months! 

Last night was the big reveal.  Adria's 17th birthday is the week and for her birthday, we got her tickets to see Wicked……on Broadway!   One of Adria's best friends is a nanny out in Princeton, New Jersey and so combining a visit to see Kaillie, the musical and the Big Apple, we thought we would make a few memories before she heads off to college in a year and a half!  It's a GIRLS WEEKEND!  My aunt, Kailie's mom, Adria, Kailie, and I are New York City bound!

I had hoped to have all my posts caught up and scheduled for when I was out of town…um, yeah…about that….not done….Baby steps my friends.  I do still have a cleaned off desk top?  Do I get points for that?

And since we leave in about 30 minutes, you will need to be satisfied with a video…Enjoy!