Psst, Have I got the goods to share with YOU!  Oh, man where there some really cool announcements today, here at Leadership.  Lean a little closer and I can whisper it to you!  Let's set a date for Saturday, Jan 18th from 9:00-Noon.  Drop in during the listed hours to make a few cards using the NEW Ocassions Catalog products and I can show you a few of the really neat new things that Stampin' Up!s coming out with. A good secret is just to good to's best shared and I'm setting a spot at the table for you!  There's a whole new product line that you are going to be absolutely WILD about.  Yes, Ms. Barb….I've been asking for it for years!  Stampin' Up! powers that-be and I?—just simply tight!


Well, that's all for now.  Cheryl and I are heading off to the Manager's Reception at the Houston
Aquarium and I'm really hoping that I won't be "throwing caution to the wind", literally.  I WILL NOT BE GOING ON ANY RIDES NO MATTER HOW MUCH CHERYL WHINES.  Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and it needed to be washed, immediately….