hahaha.   I'm such a brat cause now YOU will be singing that song all day too.  And I'll just mention that it's about 60 degrees warmer than at home!  Bratty, Bratty.

Cheryl L, Jamee H and I have made it safely to Houston today and I am happy to report we are still 89 for 89 in picking out the VERY best restaurants around!  Let the food network tour begin.  This afternoon we ate at the Mia Bella Trattoria that was just minutes away from our hotel.  The adorable doorman offered to hail a taxi but we told him that this was like spring to us and we would just walk, thank you very much.  Hilariously, they are bundling up in coats and shivering.  Wimps.  So lets leave the weather channel and head BACK over to the food network.  Lunch was AWESOME!  We choose the risotto that had a light basil cream sauce and WOW, I can see why the foodies rave about Risotto.  Words actually fail me, I know, surprised me too.  We also shared some kind of pasta and roasted veggie dish and the Seafood Lasagne was fabulous.  Of course, all this was in some kinda of fancy Italian and since I didn't pack the Rosetta Stone, you'll have to suffice with Seafood Lasagne and pasta thingy.



We spent the rest of the afternoon actually working.  We listened to a couple of teleconferences while working on our (ahem, I mean, my) swap cards. IMG_20140108_213748723_HDR[1]  See there is everything you would need for a productive event.  Stamps, ink, adhesive and chocolate covered popcorn.  I'm telling you….you really should become a demonstrator so that you can join us on these fun jaunts!

IMG_20140107_081819232[1]And here's one of my swap cards.  It's actually a card that we will be stamping at Camp Stamp-inOga in Feb.  I hope you can join us.  I forgot to switch out the Early Bird Registration before I left…..head over and sign up before I get back!