How about a few more for your Christmas Parade.

This card was sent by a downline and friend, Barb G.  It's gorgeous!  Love the non-traditional colors with this baby.  It was gasp-worthy upon opening the envelope!  Over the top!


This was another simple and clean lined card.  Lovely card sent to me by Molly S.


And the last for today.  This card was sent to me by a customer, Susan F.  She's probably the customer that wins the award for sending me the most cards!  I LOVE to get a little paper hug in the mail from her every now and then.  So very sweet.  She said that she had gotten a lot of stickers for her birthday and wanted to use them up on her xmas cards.  I love the creative touch she used to "string" them on a line.

IMG_0099[1]But don't despair, the Christmas Parade isn't over yet!