Yesterday you heard me doing the "happy dance" and the day before, a "temper tantrum" and today?  Do you hear it?  It's a chorus of angels singing halleluia because we just experienced a mind blowing epiphany!  Ok, ok, maybe it's not important enough to herald angels singing…more like just one really bad singer shouting for joy!

Here's the scoop.  I am NOT a big kit fan….I've got so much "stuff" that a kit doesn't serve my purpose.  I like to mix and match and don't like the clutter left over from a "kit".  Extra stickers, ribbons, baubles etc drive me nuts.  I know, I know.  With as much clutter around here, you would think that little bit wouldn't even matter ? I think it's because I can't throw the extras out and I just don't know where to logically store them?  Or maybe, it's like the proverbial straw that broke the camels back?  Regardless of me feelings about kits, I ordered the Merry Little Merry Little Christmas Simple Created Card kit thinking I would do a Xmas card class with them for busy moms….ah, yeah.  We'll revisit that idea NEXT year.  A little late for that, don't you think? 

But I digress….So Ms. Ella, needed to make some thank you cards for a few birthday gifts and I happened to uncover the Merry Little Christmas Simple Created Card Kit languising in a pile that I was picking up while she was working…so I cracked it open and …..wait for it….wait….It's mind blowing!   

Do you have little kids that craft?  Teens that craft?  Just don't like cutting cardstock?  This kit will rock your world too.  I loved the fact everything was contained in one little package and already cut for her.  She simply needed to stamp and color and then assemble.  This kit allowed me to work on my own projects as it was simple enough she could handle it on her own.  She came away with a feeling of accomplishment because she did it all on her own AND  they looked GREAT!   I went away relaxed as sometimes this co-stamping thing can be a little stressful to help/watch.  (Step away Mom and let her do it herself) So this was a PERFECT option!  I just might have gone over to the dark side and became a kit fan!  I think I just may hav IMG_0081[1]e to use up the rest of the cardstock this week.  You'll have to wait and see what I come up with!

 We opted to use the Best of Snow stamp set as the hedgehog is so adorable and would be something that she could color easily.

So here's my suggestion.  Christmas is right around the corner and you,very well, could have a snow day.  How about ordering a kit or two today and it will arrive just after Christmas, giving you a easy solution to cabin-fever.  Give your kids a kit and a stamp and let them make their thankyou cards for all those new toys and goodies that they are done playing with already!  Hahaha…and then send them out in the snow.

The Kit is 8 cards and 8 envelopes AND 8 envelope liners for only $9.95.  What a great deal…

Orders yours today!

Merry Little Christmas Kit