Would you believe that I had NOTHING on the schedule that couldn't wait today.  Ok, so I do have laundry, cleaning, shopping, decorating, a birthday, orders to place, a class schedule to type up and a soccer scrapbook that needs starting…. but other than those menial little tasks, NOTHING!  So I threw off the mantel of responsibility and kicked back with a book and a few stamps.  I had an absolutely LOVELY day.  I would recommend that you try it in the VERY near future!  And because I am a first-born and it's not in my nature to shirk responsibilty quite so completely, I will confess that the stamping I did was actually for my December Stamp Set in the Spotlight.

I chose Summer Silhouettes as my set this month. I know, you are thinking…"it's WINTER, SARAH!  I'm smack dab in the middle of preparations for Christmas! and I don't even have my Christmas Cards done!"  So, WHY I would pick a flower set in the middle of winter?  Two reasons, the first being that you need "hope" for warmer weather and the more logical explaination is this…It's the holiday season and let's be realistic…If I picked a Xmas or a Winter type stamp set…you probably won't get around to using this set before the end of December!  If I pick a flower set and it arrives here in December, realistically you will start stamping with it late January or early Febuary and by then well be thinking "spring" and flowers and love….I'm really just thinking about YOU!

Here's the first of my cards that I designed today.  And a link to the page with more information about this program!  I love creating and I think you will love having this set in YOUR collection!

Summer Silhouettes Stamp of the Month