Several of my Facebook Friends are sharing their Thirty Days of Thankful Posts on their walls and it's been inspiring to read about the things for which they are thankful.  I will have to agree, I, too, am a very blessed individual.  I have so much to be thankful for and deep down, I am content.  Now, to live that contentment in my daily life so that my friends and family will know and feel it too.

So I pulled out the Truely Grateful stamp set and set to creating this morning…and now, I'm thankful that…I can cross off another card from my list?  :)  I think we will be doing this card at Hostess Club this week.  I love the layout and the simplicity of it.  I will include a birthday saying as we always need birthday cards.  And yes, you should be thankful that you have a birthday to celebrate but I will agree, birthdays probably could  be considered a mixed blessing!  hahaha.


Truely Grateful

So that's it for today.  I just got back from school.  Apparently my drama queen (for which I am thankful) decided that she wanted to come home (I'm really NOT that much fun!) and she figured that non-stop coughing was her ticket out.  We are wise to her half-fake coughing tactics though and while she is a little under the weather, she's not stay-in-bed sick.  The teacher asked for water and cough drops be brought in and wanted to keep her.  Drats, foiled again!  Suppose she's too young to hear the story about Peter and the Wolf and the danger of crying wolf too often?  The school nurse was trying to explain the concept when I walked in…me thinks, perhaps, that she's testing the guidelines at school and at home.  Whew, wish me luck!

See you at Hostess Club!  We will save a seat for you.  Don't forget.  Our club is open to EVERYONE!  Thursday, Nov 7th.  5-9pm and Friday, Nov 8th 1-9pm.  See you!