I have a few minutes before I need to run into the house and take the pork roast out of the Crock Pot.  Love that baby on the days that I have class!  I am going to share my painter's tape technique sample with you.  It's one that we've done these past two days at my Techniques Class.

Painter's Tape…I had the hardest time finding a roll of this stuff lying around the house the other day.  My husband is a "wood floor guy" and they buy it in bulk.  They use it for marking out the gym floor lines and a plethora of other things so I can turn around at any given moment (EXCEPT when I need it) and find about 7 rolls in one sweep.  It's usually so abundant around here that I've been known to wrap gifts with it, in a pinch.  Now, wait, before you judge me too harshly, admit it, you've dove into your scrapping/stamping stash and used your SNAIL adhesive or other scrapping adhesive or even packing tape.  Admit it!  Come on!  So painter's tape on gifts isn't such a huge leap. 

Basically you simply ink the tape, sticky side down, on to the stamp pad, and then on to the paper.  Peel off and voila, a fun little look.

Snowflake Soiree

I used the Stamp Set Snowflake Soiree.  It's one that is on our limbo list.  meaning it's not in the catalog but still available on a special list.  Check them out here!  Order your Snowflake Soiree by visiting my shopping cart here.