In tribute to the latest installment in the Hunger Game trilogy, Catching Fire, (which debuted last night and I have it from a very reliable, if somewhat sleep deprived source this morning, that it was absolutely AWESOME!!!)…I am officially kicking off  the Cleaning Games!  I feel like this rolls around about as often as THE Hunger Games and my children will most assuredly also be unwilling participants.  But sacrifices have to be made!

I finished the second to last class for the year (my Scrapbook Layouts) and I now HAVE to switch gears and put down the Stampin' Scrub and Cleaning Mist and pick up the dust cloth and Windex!  I've saved the chicken coops for the day before Thanksgiving  and there are lots of projects to work on for the next 6 weeks.  I've never been the neatest or the most organized and sadly, I yearn for both of those qualities….So we, meaning yours truely and all unwilling participants in the Cleaning Games, will make inroads into the neatly and not so neatly stacked piles.  Keep me motivated stampers!

But I have to share a real quick page that we did this week at Layouts Class.  It's down with the Backyard Basics which is on that SALE…get it now.  Don't forget to check back later next week as I will have the 2014 Class Schedule Posted.  While I hope to get a lot of organizing down, 100% focus on a single project has never been a strong point AND I would be really crabby with out my art….I will spend some time in the studio..

Here's Ella.

Backyard Basics