I'm thankful…that Thanksgiving is at my cousin's house this year and not mine?  Kidding, but as you are well aware, because I've been complaining about it….I've been working on organizing the office and house etc…..We are a pretty active family and lots going on at any given moment so there are quite a few "trouble" spots.  When the lack of visual progress is discouraging, I try to remind myself that it's taken 25 years to get to this point and 25 hours isn't going to put it to rights!  Especially when you have a 6 year old following along behind and taking things out of the giveaway boxes and "creating" at random. 

The ironic part of any organizational task is that while you are organizing, it seems like you are uncovering more work?  For instance, yesterday when I started on the two boxes in the office, I moved them and "found" or was reminded, that the air conditioning unit was never framed in when it was installed 7 years ago.  Groan…I was tempted to make a phone call to my dad but he's been dealing with some neck pain…so my plan is this!  Denver has been taking a construction class at school and I would think since he took the day off yesterday to hunt with his dad, that a little "homework" might be in order?  But in the spirit of "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie", if the unit is to be framed,  that means that I need to paint the trim prior to him installing, and that would mean that a trip to Menard's where I will need to buy the trim and should probably pick up the wood for the base shoe underneath,  which would mean I'd have to have the floors in the office redone before installing the shoe,  which would mean I'd have to organize some boxes so that Rob could sand the floor….  See the vicious cycle?  Maybe I should just shove the boxes back and work someplace else?  Or read a book?

I did accomplish one little task this morning…I finished up another of the"to-go" kits for my layouts classes.  Here's a page that we did this past week using the Festive Framelits.  Now, if it would only snow so that I could have a LOVELY photo of my kids to set in here.  I think a nice black and white would look awesome.  Oh wait, I have a few things in the garden that need cleaning out first.  Hahaha…

Festive Flurry LayoutLove the layout?  Contact me to join our Layouts Classes starting again on January, 23rd.  We make 5 pages at each Layouts Class.  Attend for 4 months and you will have 20 pages DONE!  Imagine the possibilities!  Not local?  Get the finished "to-go" pages.

Have a delightful holiday spent with family or counting your blessings.  I am privileged to be doing both!