If you know me, for even 5 minutes you will learn that I have a few "issues" with attention….squirrel?!? and so it will come as no surprise to you when I tell you that this morning I was a little bit distracted. 

I sat down early this morning and figured out my "to-design" list.  I need two cards for Hostess Club this week, I need to finish up the Christmas Collage, I need three cards for the Stamps By Mail program, I need three more cards for the Techniques Class next week along with 5 layouts for Scrapbook Layouts class and two more cards for the Christmas Stamp A Stack ( I wasn't happy with the two I already have – a distracted perfectionist is a BAD combination!) so to say the least, I have some cards to whip up here in the next few days. 

I usually try to set aside a little time each morning to "create" because I am a happier camper when I have a little "me" time each day and I use that time to create lovely cards for my classes.  So faced with the list I just gave you, it would stand to reason that I would pick one of those projects to work on, right?  You would think!  But no, I stamped a fun card using the snowflakes from Festive Flurry in some NON-TRADITIONAL Christmas colors and then proceeded to tweek it to use the Christmas Collectibles stamp set and I'm pretty sure that I can't use this card for any of the previously listed classes!  The only one that I could make a somewhat of a case for, would be Hostess Club but it would have to be the ornaments one because the other card is using the Festive Flurry set and I need to have a different set for the stampers to use to keep things flowing smoothly.

So what do you think?  Should I use it for the Hostess Club or should I go back and design a few more? 

Christmas Collectibles Stamp set