It's Whatever Wednesday today and I think I'll share a recipe with you this week.  You are well aware that one of the classes that I routinely run at the end of the month is Coffee, Cards and Biscotti.  I pick 5 of my favorite cards for the month, set up my Keurig coffee pot and have a jar of biscotti on hand to enjoy.  Three of my favorite things, could it get any better?  LOTS of you have asked for my biscotti recipe and I'm embarrassed to saying it's insanely easy.  The hardest part is trying to locate the recipe itself.  Now, you AND I will always have it.


  • 1 cake mix
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 c. flour

Blend in a mixer – put in additional ingredients per list below, if desired.

Divide dough into two halves.  Put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet and mold dough into 2 long rectangles, the ends need to be squared off.

Bake @ 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  Take out and let cool for 15-20 minutes.  Cut ends off and throw out..(as if..) eat these first while making the final steps!

Cut into slices and replace on cookie sheets flat, put ends in middle and middle on ends.  Bake @ 350 for 10-15 minutes.  Bake until firm but not rock hard.  Turn oven off until cool- again don't let them get too brown.  Once cool, dip with warm chocolate as desired.  They can be frozen in Ziploc bags for several months.


Chocolate Mint:

  • Devil's Food Cake Mix
  • 2 t peppermint extract or andies candies
  • dip in semi sweet chocolate

Lemon Poppy Seed

  • Lemon Poppy seed cake mix
  • dip in white chocolate

Chocolate Cherry

  • Devil's Food cake mix
  • dried cherries
  • dip in chocolate

Almond Joy

  • Coconut Cake
  • Coconut Flakes
  • almonds
  • dip in milk chocolate.

So there you go!  Make yourself a batch today and join me for our next Coffee Cards and Biscotti on Oct 21st and 22nd.  Three sessions.  Come on over!