You would think I would be seriously stressing out here instead of playing around on Facebook and Pinterest this morning.  I've only got two of my four cards designed for Thursday's Snowmen and Flakes class.  Yeah, I think maybe I'll feed the chickens, throw in a load of laundry and I'll blow the rest of the afternoon off and play at the desk instead of paperwork and cleaning and other various sundry projects?  My excuse!  I've got TWO more cards to design!  Here's card #1. 

Snowmen and Flakes Class

Remember, the AM class is full so I've opened a third session at 1pm and I've got another in the evening on Thursday, Oct 17th.  This should be a really fun one, provided I get the cards designed!  I work better under pressure anyway and since I usually stamp while listening to a book on tape and the murder mystery thriller I'm listening to is getting intense, I should be FINE!  Email me to sign up.  We will be making 12 cards for $25.  Three of four different designs.