and I just can't hide it! and with that I'm pretty sure that I've just given you a spot-on clue as to my age as well.  That song by the Pointer Sisters is so smack-dab middle school/high school vintage that you are now guessing my age and singing that song yourself.  I know, because it's echoing in my head too!Why am I excited you are asking?  Today was the day that the check for my $600,000 milestone acheivement was deposited into my account. 

One of the really cool things that Stampin' Up! does for it's demos is tally various acheivements and recognizes them.  One of these is Career Milestones.  For each $100K, Stampin' Up! gives us a cash bonus from $1,000-$3,000 depending on which milestone has been acheived.  Now, I've been a demo for almost 15 years and I'm probably more of the Tortoise vs the Hare variety and I've been steadily plodding along for my entire career at SU so I think it's a pretty big deal for me to hit that $600K mark!  I'm so thankful for all my wonderful customers that have supported my business and attended classes, crops and camps with me throughout the years. I've been so very very blessed and I'm so very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that I've had with this company and a few stamps, paper and ink (and my Big Shot!)  Here's to another 15 years!

The next question you are asking?  So how did you spend it?  No, I did NOT buy everything in the catalog!  I resisted the urge…I sent a couple of checks out for taxes on the house and 'up-nort' property and am glad for that (sigh of relief) to be taken care of.  hip hip hoory!  Gotta love a big boost to my budget and because every bonus should be spent on a little something frivolous….I threw a few other bill collectors to the wind (just kidding!)and called Brighter Concepts and scheduled a couple of solartube installations for my studio.  I spend a lot of time in my Happy Place and I'm hoping that I won't need to leave the 16 can lights on all day with an addition of a couple of the solartubes?  I love being able to splurge a little on me.  Buyer's remorse.  Not today….let Adria figure out college on her own!  (kidding!) 

So I'm giving you the opportunity to join my little family here at Stampin' Up!
B1_join_demo_Oct0113_USCASP SU is celebrating their 25th year and so from Oct 7th through Oct 21st you can check out the Stampin' Up! opportunity yourself.  Test drive the SU career for only $25.00 and you can garner all the perks of becoming a demonstrator.   Call me at 262-521-3194 or email me at to chat and I can give you more info.  Sign up here! 

  • This offer is only good for two weeks, so take advantage of it right away!
  • During this offer, only the special $25 starter kit will be
    available; the regular $99  starter kit will not be available. The $25
    Starter Kit includes
    • $26.95 worth of Stampin' Up! product (it must be more than $25, but not more than $26.95 before tax)
    • Business pack which includes
      • A box of annual catalogs
      • A package of the current seasonal catalog
      • Getting Started DVD
      • Customer Order Forms
      • Customer postcards