Yes, I know!  I'm really not pushing the season.  I'm just that far behind in my Scrapbooking!  eeks, we aren't going to talk about that are we?  I have the misconceived notion that once my kids were all in school that I could catch up on projects, quilting, scrapbooking, de-cluttering, and decorating.  Yeah, let me get back to you on that…

So if you are ANYTHING like me, you could use a scrapbooking shortcut?  I've got the answer and my scrapbook layouts chicks are lovin' the ease to which they are completely their pages!  Seriously, one of the girls said they whipped out far more than their counterparts at a recent crop!  hahaha…nothing like smokin' the competition.  Oh wait, it's not a race.  🙂

So here's the answer to your scrapbooking dilemma.  I do a layouts class once a month on a Thursday evening.  We do five layouts and you bring them home in a big ziploc bag and then you add your photos and finish customizing your pages.  You work at your own pace and it's really therapeutic simply because you are making a dent in that LARGE box(es) of photos. 
Winter Frost Scrap Book PageHere's one of the pages from the recent Layouts Class.  For this layout, we did a single page layout and each scrapper stamped a few more snowflakes so that they can coordinate that second page if they have extra photos.  It's a great gig for my scrappers.  Join us at the next class on Oct 24th.  The studio is open from 4pm-9pm so drop in anytime and whip up your five layouts.  Class is only $25!  email me to reserve your packet and yes, if you aren't local, your layouts can be mailed to you!

Note:  While this is NOT my child, my heart is in my throat looking at the flips on the skis, simply because it's Adria's "special" friend.  This kid is a maniac (in a good sense) on the slopes.  When I go skiing, I fall on the first run and strain my ACL, and this kid flips and soars with the best of them.  We love you Caleb!