While the car isn't completely unpacked and things really aren't quite back to "normal", I would like to say that Cheryl Lentz and I really enjoyed ourselves at the Rubberstamp Expo
Expo held here in Wisconsin at that State Fair Products Pavilion.  It's a smaller event but a QUALITY one.  The variety of products and vendors where nice and we had VERY wide aisles so we didn't feel like we were packed like sardines.  This event focuses more on rubberstamping and less on scrapbooking (like the expo we do in April does) so that was a nice shift as well. 

I wanted to share the Make and Take that we did in our booth and while I may be a bit biased, I think it was one of the cutest!  And I need to give a quick shout out.  Not one, but TWO of my customers won the card challenges on SUNDAY.  AWESOME, hey?

  Dory said that it was because of all the great stamping she does here…ahem, and while I think we DO have great stamping here in the studio, I'm pretty sure that the natural talent has a lot more to do with it!  You go girls!  Here's to Amy S and Dory S.  Winners of the card challenges! 

So Make and Take…

We featured the Circle Thinlet from Stampin' Up! simply because it's so fun.  Who wouldn't want a card that flips back and forth?  I find myself flipping it countless times! 


Fishin' Around

And the flip side…
Fishin' Around

So you too can have lots of fun.  Head over to my website – and order your Circle or Label Thinlet!~