It's supposed to be a hot fall day today and it's imperative that my garlic be dug soon!  It's at least a month overdue and I'm hoping to rouse a few additional helpers here shortly before the heat sets in to get started…I'm thinking I may have a few Grumpy Kids working the garden today.  Alas…I'm a MEAN mom!

While my girls aren't so cute when Grumpy…we ARE going to do an adorable Grumpy Card at my Punches and Punch art class on Monday and Tuesday and I DO have room for you!  Ellen Kemper is probably my punch art idol and she's posted directions for the entire Disney 7 Dwarves family.  Thank you Ellen.  So then I've taken her images and added them to a card and came up with this for class on Monday and Tuesday….


Grumpy Punch Art

Now, your age usually will determine if birthdays make you grumpy or happy so I've included both on my card!  Contact me today to sign up for class!  262-521-3194 or email me at


Happy Punch Art