While our summer vacation is experiencing it's last dying gasps, we are trying to pack in an entire summer's worth of fun (and work) into about 2 weeks.  Denver and Adria are both, back playing soccer and even little Ella is getting in on the soccer gigs too.  With the summer weather that we are FINALLY "enjoying", I didn't spend much time out in the garden in the last few days.  Go figure… and I've even managed to do a little stamping.  I finished up my card samples for my New Improved Stamps by Mail and I've put together the Fall Collage – Sweater Weather that we will be doing on Tuesday, Sept 17th.  This class is only $25 and included the frame!  What an adorable gift or mantle decoration! 

I will be doing two session of this class, 9:30am and 6:30pm.  Get in on the fall decorating as the weather will be sweater weather before you know it!  Register for class today by clicking the buttom below.  It's so so cute! 

Sweater Weather Collage Class



Well that's it for tonight!  While I said that I haven't spent MUCH time in the garden, I didn't say ANY…and the hour spent weeding and then the soccer game this afternoon has wiped me completely OUT.  Hope to freeze 30 dozen ears of corn tomorrow so better get off to bed so I can be fresh as a daisy.