I am back from camping…both "real" camping in Door County's Peninsula State Park, (which is a FABULOUS State park, by the way) and our stamping camp.  Better known as Camp Stamp-in-Oga.  Camp has got to be one of my very favorite times and we do the stamp camp 4 times a year.  It's a great time to bond with girlfriends and just enjoy the art of rubberstamping and scrapbooking.  Mark your Calendars for November 1st-3rd as it's our NEXT camp and you will want to sign up early.  Seating is limited and we will probably sell out early…Here's a link to our registration page.  Come, it's a BLAST!

Now, at camp we provide "free-play" time to work on your projects and have at your disposal most of our crafting rooms that we've moved into the hotel for the weekend.  I know, it doesn't get better than that.  Ok, it does…we feed you really awesome food.  It's catered by the Machine Shed and I can personally vouch for the yumminess of the Beer-Cheese Pretzels.  Oh, I think I'm in love.

So during free-play most people get A LOT accomplished.  I say, MOST people.  Cheryl, my co-camp counselor and I seem to either be putting band-aids on our injured campers, or sending devilish pranksters to their tents or ringing the bell for din-din.  Wait, I think I'm getting my camps mixed up…or am I?  There's usually a little gentle ribbing about the lack of accomplishment by the counselors from the campers and this time was no exception.  I'm here to go on record that I finished 16 2" squares for our Collage Swap (you can see that after Aug 15th!) and finished two cards that I'll probably use for a class.  One card used this fun stamp, Magnificent Maple and I'll share that one with you tomorrow!  But here's one using Wishy Washi Tape for my Washi Tape class next week.  Hopefully you will be inspired to attend class.  Sign up here!


Magnificent Maple