Like I mentioned a few days ago, we are attempting to cram 10 weeks of work and fun into the last remaining days before school starts.  Yesterday we froze over 45 dozen ears of corn, 
on our almost annual Corn Day with family and friends. 


Some good friends of ours has possibly the very best corn ever and my folks arrived bright and early with 45 dozen in the back of the truck.  We have done the corn in the house but a couple of years ago have decided that it's much easier and less messy if we just set up shop out in the driveway.  We have a real production going and it works GREAT! 

IMG_0224[1]We fire up the turkey cooker, run cold water in coolers and cut and freeze.  Can you almost taste my yummy corn chowder?  Good days!

Since we have bees, I've tried planting bee and butterfly friendly flowers and we are enjoying both flora and fauna, quite regularly.  (hoping to spin honey tomorrow as my bees have been happy.)  I do love to see the butterflies flitting through the phlox and coneflowers and apparently, so does Stampin' Up!

Guess what's on sale right now.  A new Butterfly Bundle.  Save 15% off the the Papillion Potpourri set and coordinating Bitty Butterfly punch.

ButterflyHead on over to my Stampin' Up page and order YOUR Bundle!

That's all for today.  I'm on at the hospital tonight and should take a quick nap before work.