Popping with another quick little post today.  Heres a quick pic of the second of three projects for my Hostess Clubs today.  It was a BUSY day!  I got ALOT accomplished today in spite of working at the hospital last night.  I did find time to take a quick nap out on our porch and found enough time to get a sunburn….and NOT from falling asleep.  Apparently while weeding the onions this afternoon, I had a rather large gap between my shorts and tank top….and it's now very fried!   Some areas haven't seen the sunlight in ages…And yes, we did manage to get the entire onion patch, all 21 rows of it weeded.  I cleaned up the office and cut my cardstock for Hostess Club and lest you think I'm an overacheiver…I DID NOT make supper tonight.  Sent Adria out for Chinese Take Out…I'll cheat when I can.

So here's your quick smidge of inspiration and I really hope you can stop by tomorrow, Friday, July 12th for Club.  All three cards are free with a $25 order! 

 Gotta run, my Lettuce Wraps have just arrived.  :)  And did you know that Soy Sauce is good for a sunburn.  It's true, I heard it on NPR.  I should have a few extras in the bag.Serene Silhouettes