in Action!  Usually, I am post-less for a while because I've been diverted to other aspects of my life and you may have thought AGAIN?!?  But no, my computer has been "sick" and have actually wanted to post and send out a newsletter but an ipad can only get me so far.  BUT, I believe I've treated the virus on my desk top and am back in action!   I'll try to get the newsletter out today…I rely way to heavily on my computer?  eeeks.   

So anyway…now that I'm BACK in Action, BACK from Convention and BACK to reality…here's a quick card that we will be doing at our Camp Stamp-in-Oga on Aug 3rd.  If you haven't had a chance to register, HURRY!  Registration for the event closes on July 26th.  Head over to our website for more information.IMG_0065

I'm including a Paypal link for the Signature Saturday Morning Event.  If you wish to expand to the Full Day, Two Day or Three Day event, simply email me and I can get you a custom link sent over.  We have so much fun at our Camp you will LOVE it!