Well, this past year has been a good one, thanks to all my wonderful downline and customers but I didn't think it was THAT good!?  I mean, good enough that I would earn the title of "Top 100" demonstrators for 2013?  I was totally unprepared for the honor..of course, on awards night, I was sitting WAY in the back of the convention center.  Long way to the front and it's a good thing it was DARK.  But regardless, it's a fabulous honor and am looking forward to the Founder's Circle Retreat in St. George Utah in September.  Of course, since I was unprepared, I didn't have a camera…so thanks to Patty Bennett's website, I can sahre a photo of yours truely.  My friend, Danette also sent me one she had found on the internet…so thanks! 


I'm under the zero in 2013.  Third Row up from bottom.  So thanks!  You really should take courage from all this because, I,  with all my faults and foibles, can make Top 100, what could YOU do as a demonstrator!?   Imagine the Possibilities!

Give it a thought!  Join our team of demonstrators and not only can you participate in all the fun of our group at home and at convention but whole new worlds can be opened to you.  Join today and we have a fun little gift for you.  PICK A PROJECT with your starter kit. 

Join us today!



Offer: New recruits get to pick one of four project kits for free in addition to their starter kit when they join Stampin' Up!

Dates: July 15-August 31, 2013

Kit Options:
The first three project kits are from the holiday catalog and the last option is from the annual catalog.


Kit Description


Total Value


Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit




Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Christmas Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit




Thankful Tablescape Simply Created Kit




Tag a Bag Bundle AND
Tag a Box Bundle