It's gotta be a quick post again today.   I'm usually out of the office on a Sunday but I was asked to switched nights at work and will need to go in to work this evening so I've got a few cards to design and prep before tomorrow's class and thought I'd knock one off the list before church.  Yes, I know I had all week but I also had a kindergarten graduation program, Hostess, club, a garden to work in, several soccer and baseball games AND a chicken coop to clean.  I'm not SURE I'll even be able to move tomorrow though.  The coop really wasn't on my to-do list but one of the kids didn't make curfew the other day and so I assigned the task to the said child as I knew their feelings about chickens and it's a job that could be featured on a reality show.  So we mucked and shoveled for two hours and kept laughing in my head thinking of the parenting cliche, "this punishment is hurting me as much as it hurts you" and really meaning it.  So as we are wrapping up the grueling and gross job, I serenely ask, "was a lesson learned here?"  The tired teen replies, "It's not worth being 15 minutes late"  My smugness evaporated as the teen finishes up with "next time…one hour or two".  Not sure where these kids get their humor, but I'm NOT laughing.  🙂

So yes, it's gotta be quick today.  I've got two more cards to design for class tomorrow and Tuesday.   I've got room for you in any of the three sessions. 

Here's one of the cards for tomorrow's class  It's using the Simply Sketched Hostess set.  I love, love  love this stamp set!

Simply Sketched Sample

Let me know if you can make it!