I love MANY things…I love coffee, I love raspberries and strawberries, especially in a cheesecake, I love spring, I love lilacs, lily of the valley, peonies and hydrangeas etc etc.  So when the Best of Flowers
Best of Flowersset debuted earlier this year, I was smitten again.  Hydrangeas and Wisteria Wonder…heaven on earth, I'm telling you!  Just wait til you see some of the things you can do with this set!

It's been a busy month here at the studio/mini-farm.  I've been working in my raspberry patch while others have been planting the garden/field.  We have baby chicks and my replacement bees arrived earlier this month too.  Kids have been having soccer games and baseball games and the school year feels like it's winding down, although we have til the middle of JUNE!  Catalogs have arrived and been distibuted.  I ordered a BUNCH more so feel free to let me know and I can make sure you get a copy!  FOR FREE!

But I digress….Heaven on Earth.  Hydrangeas and Wisteria Wonder, right?  This was a card that I used in my Class on Monday and Tuesday.  I feel kind of trite saying this but…"it looks WAY better in person!"

Best of Flowers

So that's the scoop.  Don't forget to place those last minute retiring list items.  Our current catalog will be finished shortly!  See you at next month's class.  June 10th & 11th!