I'm beginning to worry that this nasty weather that we are "enjoying" may be MY fault.  Not that I have an inflated value of my self worth or anything or that I have the power to influence weather but outside of global warming or other dire issues, what else could be the reason?!  Here's my logic…I need heavenly intervention to stay focused and on task and I would assume if the weather was nice, I would out working in the flower beds, gardens, chicken coops or beehives and if the weather is nasty, I'm more than happy to stay inside with my stamps and coffee cup.  And with the Scrapbook Expo coming up this week and our Camp Stamp-in-Oga next weekend, Heavenly Intervention is so necessary…so I'm beginning to worry, I'm the cause to this wintery mix of weather.  Please don't hate me!

Since I'm enjoying the comforts indoors and staying focused and on task… here's what I did today already.  One of the hardest kinds of cards to stamp for us, girls, is masculine cards and often, there isn't fabulous stamps to make our "chore" easy.  So I'm delighted to say that Stampin' Up! has some really cool manly stamps.  I LOVE our Dapper Dad set, the Harvest Blessings set, the Open Sea to name just a few of the more testosterone laden sets.  So Cheryl and I decided that it would be fun to have a completely full board of manly card and scrapbook pages at the Expo this weekend.  I used the Harvest Blessings set here. 

Harvest Blessings

Since I can't get in the garden just yet, (yes, I know, my fault!) I'll just have to settle for dreaming about it.  :)  Stop by and see us at the Expo this weekend on Fri or Saturday.  We will have a lovely, more feminine, make and take, fabulous samples, some show specials AND the Plinko Board with us!  Please stop by our booth!