I gotta make this really quick this morning.  I'm going to take two mintues to share a quick sample for Thursday and Friday's Hostess Club.  I spent WAY to much time this morning working a
FABULOUS sample to share with you tomorrow that we will be doing at my FABULOUS Folders class but I digress.  I need to type quickly cause I need to run back in the house and whip up a few April's Fools Jokes before the kids wake up.  (Spring Break).  We have a kindergartener so potty humor is totally on par.  Sorry! Here's what I think I will do, I apologize for the bathroom humor.  :) 

April Fools


And I need to paint Denver's bedroom trim this morning so we can put his new bed up that my Dad made him.  Very Exciting Day.  Enjoy my Masculine Card done using the Hostess Set Priority Mail.


 I'll be more long-winded tomorrow and that's NO JOKE.  Off to set up the potty humor.  :)