There's an old idiom that I forgot to bear in mind yesterday when I pulled my April Fool's Prank on Ella and Denver.  It goes…He who laughs last, laughs best."  Somehow Miss Ella had the last laugh of the day.  Not only did I have to suffer through hundreds of goofy "April Fools Pranks and antics".  (Like being sprayed with rubberband wrapped around the faucet sprayer so when you turn the water on, you get soaked to finding twenty teddy bears in my bed when I went to make it)  But the biggest laugh was hers as she was horrified that her favorite monkey would be so crass as to sit on the throne and leave a gift  that she snatched him up and while I was explaining that the gift was simply a toilet paper roll wet, shredded and squished together and that I would just put it in the garbage, she flicked it and flushed!  WAIT!  That can't be good for my sewer lines and septic tank.  Anyone want to take bets on how soon my plumber will have to make a visit! 

 Oh, heaven help me.  Spring Break AND April 1st.  I let them sleep in this morning and took a bit of well deserved "ME" time at the stamping table and am almost done with a GORGEOUS card for Thursday and Friday's Hostess Clubs (you can join us!) and I think I'll finish that up and share it tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's Card #3  (Card #1 was in the newsletter last week, are you signed up?) from my upcoming Fabulous Folders class on Monday, April 8th & Tuesday, April 9th.  Three sessions – check out times here!

Creative Elements

This card is WAY yummier in person.  We are using one of my favorite color combos, Wild Wasabi, Pink Pirouette, and Pretty in Pink.  Can you see the sparkle on the background of the embossing folder.  Come to class and you will learn this Fabulous Technique in the Fabulous Folders class.  🙂

Supply list?  Umm, I better skip it today and go in and get breakfast started.   We have company coming and the house is NOT even close to ready!  Wish me luck both with the cleaning and the septic.