Oh the choices I need to make today.  Do I share my You-tube Stamping Gems video with you today or share my page of my Grandma and her sisters?  Oh, the stress of it all.  I should probably have a snack to help me think about this, right? 

I'm supposed to be watching my diet as I need to lose a couple of pounds so that we can get the "healthy person" discounted rate on our life insurance policy.  I had to snack on a couple of sticks of celery slathered with peanut butter this morning.  Celery has a negative calorie count, right?  So it offsets the peanut butter AND I resisted covering the peanut butter with chocolate?  Before you give me lots of credit for strong will-power, let me just clue you in on the fact that the chocolate horde is empty and I actually resorted to raiding the cute little tchotke things one of my dear customer friends, Lynn, brought to class this past week.  I CAREFULLY pulled out the chocolate so I could save and reuse the favor.  It counts for something right?Mailbox Party Favor

So the celery has spoken and said that the You-tube video is the post of choice today…Check out the fun little stamping gem and come back tomorrow to see the Grandma page for my Scrapbook Layout class tomorrow night.  Don't forget I've got room for you!