Ok not exactly THE BABY but one of the babies turned sweet sixteen this past weekend and so we've had another whirlwind weekend of memory making.  We partied on Sunday with friend and family and spent Monday at the DMV.  Eeks, driving makes me bite my nails!

My mom has made the fancy birthday cakes from the start but of late, Adria has made it known that she prefers cheesecakes and my mom, trooper that she is, has made cheesecakes for Ms. Adria.  Her Raspberry Ripple cake is the best.  I tried my hand at a Creamsicle one this year and it was pretty good. 

Here's Bday girl and her two besties.  Sarah has been her BFF since Kindergarten and Caleb, her special friend since this summer.  :)  I couldn't ask for nicer people to influence my daughter.  luv them.


So I apologize for not inspiring you this past week and weekend.  My excuse…worked night shift, cleaned and cooked and even squeaked in some time to do some stamping, planning, cutting etc. but just not on my blog.  I'm back.  Does that count?  :) 

Here's one of the cards that we will be doing at this week's Hostess Club. 

Remember ANYONE can attend Hostess Club.  Simply let me know you are coming and swing by with a $25 order and you can hang out with some of my very favorite people!  Hours the studio is open for clubbers, friends and drop-ins is Thursday, March 7th 5pm-9pm and Friday, March 8th, 1pm – 9pm.  Come on over!

Madison Avenue

And speaking of THE BABY.  Here she is photobombing Adria and a couple more of our friends, sporting Adria's Bday gift.  A Manchester United Jersey…