Do you ever have those days where you look back on the day and realize you've accomplished very little?  It's 6:30pm and all I've really done today is make supper.  I can't remember if I've even brushed my teeth!  Ok, that's more info than you need but I'm just telling you, the depths as to which I've sunk today.  It's got to be spring fever or cabin fever…not sure which…something's gotta change!  Sure wish my Stampin' Up! Fiji trip was next week and not late April!

Wait, I fed the chickens and gathered eggs today too and finished reconciling last month's checking statement.  So not a complete was but that's about the extent of it.  I've DONE no stamping today and so maybe that's my problem?

I did spend some time with the electrician today.  We've had astronomical electrical bills during the winter (like $350-450 a month!)  (note: we heat with oil and have no gas to the house).  And I just assumed it was "normal" as we have the office and the barn.  Apparently we are about 300% more than average so we've been trying different things and working with WE Energies to figure this out and in the process we had an epic electrical failure in the office last week.  

Notice how dark the office is on this photo? 

IMG_9726[1] It's Friday night's hostess club.  Poor Lisa, Amy and Georgia almost had to stamp by candlelight.  And as the sun went down, I went to flip the lights on in the office and nothing.   Thank GOODNESS my dad was in town and handy and was able to get me through the crisis.  Since I staill had power in the sockets, I was pulling all my floor lamps from the house so we could at least stamp!  But Dad rode in on his white horse and saved the day.  Thanks DAD!

Apparently one of the "eleictrical legs" to the office must have blewn when I accidently flipped a breaker to my air conditioning/wall heater unit.  So my electrician friend was doing a little repair for me today and we aren't really sure why, but my Kw/Hr usage dropped by about 30 Kw/day since the leg blew.   And now that the power has been restored, it's still down.  Go figure…So I played electrical detective today.  Cross your fingers for me..if this stays, my electrical bill will drop to less than $200 a month and I will be a VERY happy camper.

So…I think I will go check on my stew, brush my teeth, just in case, throw in a load of laundry and TRY to sneak back out to the studio to do a little stamping later?  Wish me luck