I KNOW I should have shared this video of Ella's Valentine's last week but I''m pretty sure there are a few of you moms that will be working on Valentines either tonight or tomorrow night.  Really, you have over 48 hours yet, so why stress, right?  This project takes only 1/4" Sheet of Cardstock and about 9" of ribbon.  (and obviously any other "bling" that is needed to impress the other "moms" because we know that's who this is really about).


Ella and I made 21 of these in about 2 hours and that included the signatures and included a lot of "help" from the kindergartener.  So real time?  Probably about 1 hour, 20 minutes…It took me longer to run to town last night to get the chocolate bars! 

And because I know time is of the essence…I've even made a video of it for you, quick.  My friend, Debbie T reminded me of this favor slider when she shared a variation of our Whale at our Camp Stamp-in-Oga.  Thanks Debbie!!