Checking the calendar for this week and I saw that I've got my layouts class schedule for Thursday night….so I thought I had better do a little scrapbooking over the weekend in preparation for the Layouts class.  Rob was scheduled to take the family out to a friends as I had to work and the best part of this arrangement is that after I sleep, I get the house (and stamp room) all to myself!  Woot, Woot.  There is that saying about the best laid plans and all that right?  Yeah, tell that to Ella.  Somehow her cold/flu whatever that was keeping her laid low managed to morph into pneumonia.  I suppose I should have realized when my normally rambuctious, hard to settle for bed child falls asleep at 8:30pm without hours of late night book reading…So the best laid plans….

Denver and Adria still were able to head out to their planned activities but I had the "other two" around over the weekend, and both of them needy!  We did have some difficulty finding antibiotics without food coloring for the little puss but Ella, happily, is on the road to recovery and now all I'm dealing with the after effects of things she's learned from 6 days of movies on the ipad. (sassy, sassy sassy and a little demanding thrown in for good measure!)

I managed to carve a little time out for some scrapbooking yesterday and I'm so excited to share one of the pages for Thursday's Layouts Class. 
I am going IMG_9641

Remember, here's how this works.  The studio is open on the 3rd Thursday of the month (usually) for my scrappers to drop in and complete 5 (count them, FIVE!) pages.  All they bring are scissors and adhesives (glue dots, dimensionals and glue of their choice) and they stamp and create the layouts.  Then, they package them back into the zip-loc bags and head home to add photos at their leisure.  Each scrapper signs up for 4 months of pages at a time.  Seriously this is a fabulous way to get that scrapping done!   Think about joining us!