Sometimes you're hot and sometimes you're NOT!  Today was one of those mornings where I wasn't so "hot".  Some times creative endevors, like scrapbook pages and cards etc. can be a bit like labor..a little work and the result is SO worth the effort. (note to self:  insert photo of darling children.)  And sometimes it's more like that dumb triathalon that I tried ONCE…painful, grueling and when finished all you can do is ask, "whatever for!?"  Note:  Labor WAS WAY easier….

So today…my effort is in the triathalon category.  Ever have one of those creative days?  Every card/page/quilt square etc is just a dog?  I've been "hot" all week and today…ugh!  It's almost laughable.  I found this card on Pinterest and I wanted to use it as a source of inspiration….my cousin wanted a few and so I thought I would Stampin' UP!-amatize it.  (you know, make a Stampin' Up! version of it!)

So I started with the Quint-essential Flower Stamp, cause it's a free choice during Sale-a-bration.  Yeah, it didn't go with the swirly background stamp
Stamping messthat I had.  So I moved over to Mixed Blossom and yeah, that didn't look very good either. 
By then I was getting a bit frustrated and neglected to use the Embossing Buddy with my Wild Wasabi Embossing Powder and you can probably guess the result of that one…

So sometimes it's just better to throw your hands up and step away from the card.   Accept the fact that occasionly ugly cards are born…. 


Mixed Blossom

My Clown Card


And rest on your past laurels…


Storybook Designer Paper

One of my better pages from the week



and hope that your stampin' mojo returns.  And see who else is having one of those days?


 I'm going to go clean up the mess and THINK about doing some laundry.