I saw the CUTEST card today on a friends blog and I was inspired to use the beehive punch art to stamp something for my upcoming classes.  I don't know what my problem is of late…I usually have all of my upcoming class samples posted on my wall weeks ahead of time.  See, here's proof.   Nada!

IMG_9662Usually I have 4-5 cards on EACH of these squares…three samples out of 23.  Not good odds.  I had better take the rest of the day off and stamp, right? 

I have my Spring Catalog Embellishment class coming up on March 11th and 12th and I can't decide if I want to use this card for that class or later in the March at the Coffee Cards and Biscotti.  I try to throw in a Punch Art class fairly often and I haven't for a while…Hmm, which should I do?

My friend, Ann Clemmer used the bee from Collage Curios with her card and it worked well with the more elegant card that she had done…mine was more cutesy so I thought the elegant bee was a little too much..So I went ahead and found a cuter bee in the Spring Sampler set (did I mention that I got this set FREE for attending Leadership!  Free stamps, who can beat that!)

Spring Sampler

Now, this card is WAY more intricate and busier than my usual style but it's good to get out of our comfort zone on occasion, right?

Bee Hive Punch ArtLeave me a comment and tell me which class I should use it in, the Spring Embellishments class or the Coffee Cards and Biscotti class and I will make a note to check on my OWN hives on the very next nice day.  I hope my bees have over-wintered well.  I'm worried…should have checked on them last month already…eeeks.