It was the best of cards, it was the worst of cards…..wait!  It is SO not the worst of my cards!  We registered Denver for high school classes last night and I must have faint memories of my own Freshman English Literature and I've gotten my subjects mixed up again.  This is a stamping blog and so I must get back to the topic at hand….The Tale of Two Cards…it was the best of cards, it was…sorry.

Well actually this is more on the line of a card with multiple personalities and I cannot begin to think of a reference to a book that ends well with those issues!  So help me decide which personality we should go with.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  This card has a Third Personality and you can check it out here.

Card A:  Simple and Stream-lined



Cards B:  Little Pokey Dots around the Circles.  SImple with Attitude…



I can make a very good case for either so…leave me a comment and tell me which personality you think is better!  It matters because YOUR vote will determine which of the two we will be doing at my Sale-a-bration Class on Feb 11th & 12th!  Make your pick and then swing over and register for class on 2/11 & 2/12.  I have three sessions.  Mon & Tues @ 9:30am and again on Tues @ 6:30pm.