Ready or not, Orlando, here we are!  Cheryl L and I arrived in Orlando last night and of course, we were STARVING and needed to run right over Bahama Breeze and have coconut shrimp.  Rob and I were in Orlando for Leadership like 10 years ago and had these shrimp and they are the gold standard of shrimp to which I hold all others.  Yes, the coconut shrimp we had at Camp Stamp in Oga last time was pretty close.  But I digress.  Cheryl and I both agreed that we were going to use the time here to energize and figure out the direction we wanted to take our stamping businesses.  Of course, if we had to eat some fabulous food along the way..well.  We'd take one for the team. 


Bahama Breeze

Cheryl and I enjoying our onion ring stack


We ate so much last night that I can't say I got so much work done workwise.  oops, not a good start to my working vacation.  But hey, the shrimp was fabulous, as was the fish tacos.  Nope, no stamping LAST night.

So this morning we slept in and listened to a couple of webinars and we made sure that we had lunch al fresco.  Did I mention that the weather is fabulous?  So we had lunch today at Marlow's here in Pointe Orlando.  Oh boy… was looking to have calamari and this stuff.  Yumm!  It had slivers of lemon deep-fried with the calamari.  Wow.  and of course, we had to have the asparagus fries too.  I'm not sure which I liked better!  We did share a Black and Blue burger, to save on the calories, of course.  And no stamping again.  I'm think I'm starting to have stamping DT's.  serious withdrawal.  It's almost been a day!


Marlow's Calamari

The best Calamari I've ever had


After enjoying the weather and food, we headed back to the room for a little nap and to do a bit more "work". 

Eventually we meandered down to the convention center to register for the convention and because we were getting a little hungry and needed some sustainance to finish working
DSCN0602[1]before our fabulous Manager's Reception at the Harry Potter thing at Universal Studios.  I think they'll feed us again.  :)  So basically, if I can't be stamping, eating is the next best thing to do and we are doing a lot of it.  I really, really wish you could be here.  Become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and you can join us next year!  Let's talk