It's a good thing I work for myself here as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I was over two hours late in getting to the office this morning.  My husband thought I needed extra sleep and shut my alarm off.  I'm not quite sure how to take that…was it out of concern for my health or was there an underlying implication that I was crabby…hmmm, what do you think?   But regardless, we didn't have the smooth transition of the kidlets this morning from bed to bus as a result.  #1 Teenage Girl Child wasn't feeling well this morning (yes, you can read between the lines) and thus needed a ride in to school mid morning  after a little TLC and ibuprofren and to top it off, the cat got sick in my office.  It's just a normal day here at the Schueler's but again, I do love working for myself cuz if I had to punch a clock…ugh.  So once I got the cat out, the dog out, the kids out and the husband out, I poured myself another cup of coffee and went to my happy place and started working on my Scrapbook Layouts for the Scrapbook Layout Class at the end of the month

(Yes, the pages are FAR more creative than the title of the class!  I needed it to be descriptive, not creative!  and I'll tell you a funny story about creative class names some time, remind me!)

And as today is want to go…I didn't get the page finished up.  Here's just the bare bones of the pages.  I'm liking the direction of the page though.   I've grabbed some Quikcutz dies for letters and a retired Hostess set from YEARS ago and will add an alphabet border to page #2 and I think I want Ella to write a list of her Favorite things about Kindergarten.  That is, if she has any.  But that's another funny story too.  I'll need to finish up my apple punch art too.    


Mark your calendars for Thursday, Jan 24th for Layouts Class.  I run it Open House style so you can drop in any time between 4pm and 9pm to make your 5 pages.    I've got a second round of scrapbookers that will be starting here in Jan and there is a spot or two if you and a friend would like to whip out 20 Scrapbook Pages in 4 months!  Call me for more information!