One of the fun things my downline can earn is Diva Day.  Diva Day is a recognition that my group can earn with consistant sales, recruiting or promoting and we do this twice a year.  For the stampers that have made the choice to attend, I usually give a gift of a stamp set and some other token and then the Diva's use the selected set to complete their projects at the event.  It's quite popular and the girls love to earn the Diva Day (suppose it should be Diva Night, right?)

We had 12 demos in the group earn the Diva Honor and I think 10 of them attended.  So it's a pretty big deal.  The stamp set I chose for the Divas was the Oh, Whale stamp set.  And I will have to say in prepping for the night, I've fallen in love with the little critter.  He/She's just so sweet and really I think it's a set that you have to be shown, to fall in love and I AM…now it's my mission to make you fall in love too!

Here's a  photo of Diva Night.  I'll add a few more to a folder over on my Facebook Page.

January 15 diva day group 2

And here's just one of the cute projects the girls did.









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