So my Stamping OCD couldn't necessarily let yesterday's smudge go unresolved!  Those of you that have had parties or classes with me have often heard me say, "most mistakes can be fixed. (And of course, you SHOULD sign up for a class!)  Dec 3rd Giftables Class will be my last class before Christmas and as soon as Jan 1st rolls around, I will start all over.

Obviously the easiest fix is to simply turn the paper over.  We sell this amazing paper that's double sided, go figure.  So I tell my stampers, try again and take the best of the two!

Secondly, if you stamp a crooked saying.  You bang your head on the table and berate yourI101049Fself for not using the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig.  The SAMJ is our stamp positioner and is a must have for precise stamping!

At this point to you will "layer" your saying and VOW to use the SAMJ next time.  Stamp your saying on a scrap piece and punch with a punch and layer the punched piece over the error.  My choices are usually the Modern Label or Word Window or if it's a longer saying, stamp it on vanilla or white and add another colored cardstock layer.



Of course, there's always the option of Bling.  Add a Rhinestone or cover the area with a button, brad or ribbon.

My mistake wouldn't be rectified as easily as turning the paper over as it was already glued down but could easily be fixed with a simple stamping Sponge.  I just sponged the perimeter and voila, no one is the wiser!


Of course, there's the Mega-Fix.  I punched a 1 3/4" circle out of a post-it note and sponged the entire card and focal pointed the Wise-men.  Again, mistake is gone.  I am happy.