Camp Stamp-in-oga take me away!!  I want to go back to my happy place, Camp Stamp-in-Oga! We had so much fun this past weekend at camp that I was unprepared for reality when I got back home.  I returned home to a kid that had developed pink eye over the weekend and by Monday night had shared it with me…and to make my return to reality ever more pleasurable…4000 pounds of chicken feed was delivered bright and early Tuesday morning.  Let me paint the picture for you…me, miserable and seeing through eyes that are half my normal size lugging 50 pound bags off the truck because MY truck has a flat tire!  I know, you envy my "normal".  But on the bright side, pun intended…I'm almost back to normal and Ella is back to school.  Dr. was kind enough to prescribe drops without the office visit as 7 other kids in her class had it too.  Now, here's your nod to folk remedies.  Nurse told me NO WAY was I to share the drops Ella's eye drops…ok but she GAVE me the bug in the first place! 

so I did a little google search and found out that a black tea compress mixed with HONEY is good for pink eye.  The scientist in me decided that it would be a good time to do a study on the effectiveness of the folk remedy…..I'll admit this clinical trial may not have a wide pool of participants at this point.  but rest assured there are three others that will probably be joining the pool of respondents.  Here's the skinny.  Interpret the data as you see fit.  Ella had drops and managed to have pink eye in both eyes and is returning to school just today (Sun-Wed)….I started developing the symptoms a day later (Monday) and am pretty close to normal today (wed) and ONLY used a black tea and honey compress and only had the symptoms mostly in one eye.  Good thing for HONEY….I've got LOTS of it.  Get your bottle the next time  you come to class!

And speaking of events….here's a little card that I managed to whip up at Camp Stamp-In-Oga.  I brought along a lot of cardstock from past classes and I 'revamped' cards all weekend long.   Here's a card that my Hostess Club will be doing on Thursday and Friday.  It's using the Hostess set Four Seasons

Four seasons

Remember, I have room for you to come and play on Thursday and Friday…drop me an email and I'll make a pack for you!