Hello Stampers,

I'm leaving you with a fun You Tube video of a great Christmas Packaging tutorial that we did at my Hostess Club earlier this month.  Where am I leaving to, you ask?  Well, I'm off for an afternoon of fun at my upline's, Connie Tumm.  She is hosting her upline's Stampin' Up! Christmas party at her home and I'm heading over to join the festivities! 

Even though I've been a demo for almost 14 years, this is probably only the second SU Christmas party that I've been able to attend.  It's usually on Rob's birthday or Opening Day of Deer season here in Wisconsin.  Deer Season, here in our household, present company excluded, takes on Religious Holiday proportions.  It could very well be a bigger event than Christmas at your home!  Note the similarities…you execute and plan for weeks, you buy special clothes, you talk about it with all your friends, you hope and pray you get something you really want and that it's BIG, you rise up very very early, you take pictures of the moment and actually scrapbook them in special books…see what I'm saying?

…since I'm not a deer hunter, I gladly take on the roll of caretaker for the day.  I can stay in where it's nice and warm, lots of food and a fire…and thus no partying at Connie', Susan's or whereever…but this year, the Bigz, decided they wanted to join Dad in the woods and my mom graciously agreed to watch the Little while I headed over for some fun and stamping…I'm really excited.  I can't stay too late as I did promise Rob that I would be responsible for putting away the deck furniture and should probably make sure all the bee stuff is put away too. 

So while I'm enjoying, you can enjoy the video….