I just have to take a moment and tell you how spoiled my kids are.  Here is the stash of goodies that my customers have brought them this week. 


Coffins from Candy, Milk Carton from Barb, box from Margaret and bag from Lynn.  Each one is SO stinkin' cute!  So you see, spoiled…they are so spoiled that they think Trick-or-Treating is when my stamping girls BRING them treats. 

Seriously?  They love it and I will have to say that they appreciate the wrapping and totally get the "cuteness-factor".  I've raised them right in that regards.  And my kids do think of so many of my customers and downline as sort of like, extra aunties and cousins.    They watch for them at sporting events, stores, on the road etc.  So ladies, you know you are loved by me AND my kids.  :) 

And "adopted aunties"…thanks again.  You've just helped their grandparents along the "spoiling" road. 

Need another stamped cute Halloween project?  Not sure if you saw the you-tube video on the brooms and the 1"x 8" Cellophane Bags.

All for today.  I just finished up class and now I have a party to prep for!  New group of ladies that have been stamping for years are coming to the studio tonight for a party!  Love our hostess program and I've got quite a few fun ideas to show them tonight…hmm, I need to narrow it down a bit!