I was trying to create samples for this weeks Coffee Cards and Biscotti class and I felt I needed to take a little break from Halloween and Christmas stamps after my very very full Snowmen and Flakes class and my Ghosts and Ghouls class earlier this month and so I pulled out a stamp set that I haven't used as much as I should.  It's the Priority Mail Hostess set AND because I was pressed for time AND because I was trying to ignore the Holiday stamping, I choose "cheat a little" and just switch up the sample on pg 202 and make it into a birthday card. 

I made it 4"x 4" instead of the 3×3 shown and then I made the stampers at my class use the Simply Scored to make their OWN envelope to fit the 4"x4".  They were quite excited to do just that.  Man, I wish the snow would fly so that I'd have an excuse to take that photography class!  Bleech…


I'm also going to share with you a couple of the squares from our Christmas Collage Class.  We will be doing a Collage as one of the Break Out classes at our November 3rd Camp Stamp In Oga and I will be doing another at my Christmas Gifts and Giftables class on Dec 3rd.  I obviously used the Priority Mail Hostess set in this collage and yeah, I had to get back to the traditional Xmas colors and yes, we have room in both classes.  Seating is limited and it will be going fast!



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