Ok here's what happens when you don't turn the calendar before opening your mouth!  I tore off the September page and found that the ACTUAL set that I picked for October;s Stamp By Mail Kit is the Wonderfall stamp set and I had picked Evergreen for November.  oops?

So let's rewind and start over…..vveeeerrrrp.  Ok, that better. 

Hey stampers, I'm so EXCITED to share with you card #1 from Octobers Stamp By Mail kit.  It's done using the Wonderfall stamp set and if you can just patiently wait one more day….I'll share the list of supplies you will need to complete the kit for October.  What do you think?  And Mom, You like this one better?  🙂


FYI:   I have TWO Googly Ghouls Kits left from Sept and one Serene Silhouettes from August…email me if you want them saved/mailed out to you.