I've running a bit behind schedule today.  I spent an HOUR trying to figure out how to install the overdrive media on to my computer so that I can download audiobooks.  Ugh, apparently Windows 7 has a glitch with the Windows Media Player and the Overdrive software. I am here to tell you that  you can google just about ANYTHING.  Question about digging potatoes?  Google it.  Washing Windows?  Google it,  Birthday a calf?  Google it, I'm sure it's there and I'm happy to report when I finally decided to google the error code….step by step suggestions to resolving the issue! And now, I am happily listening to Rick Riordan's "The Lost Hero".  When I have another hour to spare, I'm going to try to figure out how to install it on my phone so that it's easy to listen to in the garden.  Weeding will be an enjoyable task….ha!

So here's your card sample for today.  It's my token nod to Elfaba and the soon
IMG_7962 to hit town, musical, "Wicked".    I can't wait.  I really would like to see this show!  I got about half way through the book (on discs) and the discs had scratches so I couldn't finish it!  Guess which book I'm going to check out from the audiobook library next! 

You can get this adorable card as part of my September Stamps By Mail kit.  8 pre-cut cardstock kits (2 designs) for only $13.50. 

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