(Thurs).  What an awesome day!  I usually take a stroll around the neighborhood after I drop Ella off at the bus stop and so I figured that I might as well continue the practice while I was here in St. George, except the "subdivisions"are a little bigger and steeper.  I started out going south, turned east and went north, the west and then south again, returning to Point A.  Just a little stroll around the neighborhood …THAT INCLUDED A CANYON!  8 miles is a bit more than I'm use to, but it was awesome.  Loved the Virgin River Trails.

Then I needed to finish up my swaps for our Thursday night swap.  Now I was NOT stressed about it.  I can usually pull it off, all 120 of them but apparently my casual attitude was driving my more Type A, Born Organized Friends insane and they felt I needed help.  :)  Why say no, right?  I wouldn't want to deprive them off the pleasure of feeling good about helping the needy right?  So a big shout out to my stamping helpers friends, Lyssa Zwolenek and Barb Millikan.  Regardless, we got mine finished up before Shelly, the CEO, got hers done! 

I'm hanging out with some pretty awesome demos.  Supper last night with Dawn Griffith and Deb Valder to name a few.  It's pretty inspiring and I can't wait get home and do some stamping!

Remember that I told you the the hospitality room where we hang out and stamp is set up like a boardwalk.  Let me show you a few of the really cool things in this room



yes, that's my jammies, it's after our pj party but that's at a later time..  I'll explain later.


yes, that short one…is filled with ice cream!



 So then we had our swap and share but I'm exhausted from our day today and i'll share a few more things tomorrow.  Night!