School, spool whatever!  We actually have ONE more day of vacation.  Ella only has a two hour kindergarten orientation and the big kids don't start till tomorrow.  Mukwonago School Distrct does something kind of cool.  Only the 7th and 9th graders start on the first day.  And the remaining kids in the middle and high start tomorrow.  Probably let's the newbies find their classes and not look completely dorky amongst the upperclassman before the hordes descend tomorrow.  Let's them figure out the locker combination before there is someone bigger to stuff them into the said locker.  Let's them find a hiding place that they can skitter to when a bigger kid teases….hold on.  I think I'm digressing or repressing.  I'm not sure which.  Can you tell which end of the spectrum I spent my middle and high school years?  Let's just say I wasn't winning any popularity contests.

Seriously, it wasn't all that bad.  Just average, no extreme teasing.  Hung out with the safe, brainiac crowd.  I actually DID my homework.  I wouldn't say they were the "glory years" but neither were they the "horror years" either.  But I woudn't want to repeat them either.  I can say I survived and I'm perfectly happy right were I am, gray hair and the extra 35 pounds and all.  Hey, I didn't have stamp therapy back then.  I would have been so well adjusted, I would have been cool.

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Lots on the last minute list for me today so I bid you farewell.  Savor the moment if you've sent your precious ones off to school.  Miss them dearly and treat yourself to some great coffee and a few stamps!