As most of you know, I was fortunate enough to earn the honor of Founder's Circle this past year.  And what's that you ask?  Stampin' Up! headquarters has some magic formula that they plug in all your numbers, (sales, recruiting, promotions in your group, shoe size, etc) and it's spits out the Top 100 demonstrators in the company and then invites them to a SPECIAL trip called Founder's Circle and it's usually in St. George, Utah.  A little different than our incentive trips as we will geto the Manufacturing Facility in Kanab, Utah.

I decided to fly out early on Tuesday to Salt Lake and spend some time forcing a couple of my local friends there to stamp.  Alas all three had a funeral to attend and so the stamping part got canceled.  And my adventure began.  We call it the "Sarah" factor.  If there could be a snag, it will happen to me but along with that the adventure usually turns out just fine.  I think that someone is either testing my reslilance, my think on my feet or MY PATIENCE.  So yup, yesterday, the Sarah factor hit.  I thought I was safe when I JUST about missed my connecting flight in Denver.  (we had plane issues in MKE) but nooooo… that wasn't it.  THERE WASN"T ONE RENTAL CAR TO BE HAD IN ALL OF SALT LAKE CITY and remember my rides are at funeral.  SOOO…grabbed the public transit information and my suitcase and carry-on and started riding the rails.  Oh what fun. 

I rode the bus to my favorite Salt Lake City restaurant, Cafe Molisse and treated myself to the Penne di Caprino – creamy goat cheese, sun dried-tomatoes, artichokes and roasted garlic topping imported pasta.  Um, yeah, I was so hungry and delighted I forgot to take you a photo.  Just know the place is awesomely good.

So then I walked over to a little nail salon that we found when we were out here last.  Yeah, a summer full of gardening makes some interesting nail art.  And then I rode the Trax out to Sandy were one of my friends picked me up.  I spent a delightful evening with them and will head back to the airport on Wednesday am to continue my journey down to St. George.  I will probably be the one stamping.  You see, we are suppose to have 120 swaps finished by Thursday night.  Here's how I spent the flight from MKE to Denver.


And here's what it's going to look like, finished….