Did I mention how good it feels to be home?  I didn't?  hmmm, I was pretty sure I had.  So in case you haven't heard, I'm really glad to be home after galavanting around the US this summer.  I think I like the structure of home and the fact that I can work on my to-do lists and tie up some of the loose ends.  There are so many loose ends that I feel that I'm unraveling!  Can you relate? 

Here's one of the loose end that I wrap up yesterday.  I participated in a swap with my upline, Connie Tumm and here's the card that I shared using the Winter Memories stamp set.  I think this is one of my favorites from the Holiday Catalog.  I love snowmen, ice skating and sledding.  What's NOT to love about this whimsical old-timey feel to the set?
















This card is a Dutch Gate Fold or Double Dutch fold where the top flap opens up and two bottom flaps open in the middle.  And speaking of the Dutch, I'm probably about 85% Dutch….I really really think it'd be cool to ice skate in the canals of Holland.  
Ice-skating-holland-netherlands-kinderdijk-windmills-molentocht-skatersWouldn't that  be totally awesome…oops there goes that wanderlust again.  No wonder I have loose ends….suppose for the time being we'll have to settle for hutspot.  It's a yummy dutch dish that my Grandma Kots (nee Visser – I told you DUTCH!) shared years ago.  We make ours with Potatoes, Onions and Carrots and I think I'll go rewarm the leftovers for a snack and dream…